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Virtual Yom Kippur Appeal
No public appeal during services!
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Yay! We've reached our goal
Goal:  $10,000

Here is the short version,

Our Yom Kippur appeal is going virtual but we pray your dollars are REAL!

If your convinced already and want to support a great cause, don’t hesitate just click here to DONATE NOW! Each Shabbat a special “Mi Shebeirach” prayer is said in honor of those who give tzedoka -  charity to establish houses of prayer and support community institutions. This virtual appeal will allow us to say this special “Mi Shebeirach” prayer at Kol Nidrei services and list all the names of those who donated and bless them with a happy and healthy new year.

Click here to Donate now

Here is the long version,

Here at  Chabad at Wirergass we have made "Ahavat Yisrael" - Love of ones fellow - the driving force behind what we do. Acceptance of everyone on their own level, regardless of their background, observance, age or financial status, has become the trademark of Chabad. Chabad at Wiregrass is devoted to strengthening our Jewish identity, and so we reach out with a wide array of educational and social services for the Jewish community making Judaism an accessible reality to all. We do so with compassion and open minds, accepting each Jew as he or she is, at any level of commitment or interest. At Chabad you are family. With warmth and joy, we welcome you to participate in celebrating the joys of Judaism

We DON’T have MEMBERSHIP fees, there are no FEES for seats on the High Holidays and we don’t charge for most of our programs. We also don’t receive ANY funds from any CENTRAL Chabad organization.

So how do you do it, you ask? How do we pay for the events, the Mega Challah bake, the Purim party, the Passover Seder? How do we pay for the Chabad Centre, the electric bills, the Kiddush each Shabbat? How do we do it?

A Chabad Rabbi once told his congregation ….. We have all the money we will ever need to fund our Chabad Center…. BUT ITS IN YOUR POCKETS.

We fund Chabad at Wiregrass through YOUR support, all our funds are raised locally and stay in Wesley Chapel to grow our community.  We fund the Chabad Center through our generous circle of friends and supporters who step up and contribute to ensure we can CONTINUE to do our vital work. As we approach Yom Kippur, we appeal to you to join our growing circle of supporters to ensure our continued success.   We will NOT be making a public appeal at Kol Neidre instead the  special Mi Shebairach prayer will be said at Kol Neidrei listing the names of all those who donated during this appeal.

Click here to donate now.

Our Sages teach us that it is through the very act of giving charity that gives a person the blessings from Above to ensure a better year for all, as we say in our prayers on Yom Kippur:  “…Charity will avert the severity of the decree.”

In the merit of your Tzedoko, may you and your family be inscribed in the Book of Life for goodness, kindness, health & prosperity.

We Thank Our Recent Partners
Sami Benmocha
Ronnie Stone Everson
To my family with love and affection
Bob Faskowitz
Grateful for the open arms and acceptance of my family at the Chabad Wiregrass and that of Rabbi Mendy and his family!
Ona and Andy Podell
To Chanie and Rabbi for enriching our lives...
Deena King
In loving memory of my mother Sondra and brother Marc