Shofar at park.png

We will be hosting an Outdoor Tashlich Service on Sunday, September 20 at approximately 1:30pm.

- Outdoor Service - Select Prayers - Shofar Blowing -

Social Distanced & Family Friendly

Please join us in front of the Chabad Center on Sunday Sept 20th at 1:30pm and we will walk together to the pond.

Covid Guidelines for the Tashlich service

1. Please do not attend if you feel even slightly unwell (coughing or sniffling) or if you have been exposed to someone who is a possible COVID-19 carrier.

2. Please remain with your household and keep a 6 foot distance from other families.

3. Mask are required.  

On Rosh Hashanah after the afternoon prayer, we go to a lake, river or to the sea (preferably one that has fish), and recite the Tashlich prayers, where we symbolically cast our sins into the water and leave our shortcomings behind us, thus starting the new year with a clean slate.

Families of all affiliations and backgrounds will join together for and prayer at the water, and will listen to Rabbi Mendy blow the Shofar.

Some short prayer will be recited in Hebrew and English and it will be inclusive, warm, and spirited ceremony in which we throw our misdeeds into the ocean and pray for a healthy and happy sweet new year.